Weighted Grade / GPA Calculator (RMIT)
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To calculate GPA enter course weight/credits and grades and press the Calculate button. For simple average enter weight of 1 for each entered grade or leave all Weight/Credits fields empty.

Letter/Alpha grades: To perform calculations Letter/Alpha grades will be converted to numbers as per 4.0 scale (see the table below).

The Get Link button generates a URL for this page with all currently entered data and then shortens it using the Google URL Shortener service If you save or bookmark the short link, you can return to your calculation at a later time.

The following grading scheme is used at RMIT University (Higher Education and Foundation Studies)

Letter GradePercentageGrade point value

Information Source:
RMIT University - Grade point average (GPA)

This tool is intended to be used as a guide only. Contact your school or institution for an exact determination.

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